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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sounds like a love song

Well i met her when i was 3 years old and my love still grows. When i first met her i was scared that she wouldn't take care of me, that there wouldn't be enought to eat. There always was, however.
She has always taken me for rides and i'll never forget the first time she taught me how to go downtown.
Sometimes she makes me wait and it's frustrating, but i can't stay mad at her.
In the springtime she likes to look her best. she puts on all types of beautiful clothes from pinks to vibrant greens to yellows and everything in between.
she takes me to the highest highs to the lowest lows. i talk to her children sometimes and wonder why she would want to to put them though all that pain. it breaks my heart. i yell at her for being an unfit mother to so many of her offspring. she isn't a bad mother to all of them and we wonder how she chooses.
watching her work in the summertime is quite a sight, it makes me sweat. this is when i sometimes wish for a temporary breakup, but we're right back at it by the middle of september. in October she likes to tease me with false hope that we'll be part of a Brave new world, but disappoints when she deems the time is right. I'll always be with her whether it physical or spiritual.
If you haven't realized by now, i'm talking about A-town.

Truisms in life

Where there's smoke there's fire- this is one my favorite things to say these days. Of course it is an overused cliche', but how do things become cliche' ? By being true of course. If we see a kid come into state custody because of neglect, chances are there are drugs involved. If there is star college player alledging that he was paid, it's probably not a clean college program. You get the idea. Where there's smoke there's fire.

Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying- this is pretty self explanatory. I know I have to use this a lot.

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck it's probably a duck-see the first one

We aren't promised tomorrow- I have come to realize this lately more and more. Instead of saying "Oh Crap" when I wake up in the morning I should be thanking God that I have another day on this green earth.

the weekender pt. 2: Hillbilly Hollywood

On Saturday after catching up on old times at the groom’s parents’ house, I said to myself, “I’ve got a rental car that I can run into the ground, why don’t I go somewhere that I’ve never been before?” I listened to my inner monologue and decided to head to Nashville, Tennessee. It’s the next state over. It can’t be that far right? Well 8 or hours and 550 miles later, I realized I was wrong on that account. Don’t ask me why I didn’t get a map. I arrived in Music City at 11:30(10:30 Central). I found a parking lot in a hurry, and set out to listen to some good live music.

The first place I went was the most crowded. There was a fairly talented band playing, but there was nothing too remarkable about them as they played the greatest country hits. I was standing there trying to take in the sights and sounds minding my own business, but people kept bumping into me and kicking my feet as they went by. I know the place was crowded but damn. At least say excuse me! Maybe my long sleeved t-shirt and New Balances didn’t fit in. There weren’t really too many cowboy hats that I saw though, mostly just a bunch of douchebags with too much gel in their hair and…well they just looked like douchebags. I can’t exactly say why. Maybe I was just being paranoid. There was a woman that was probably in her late forties or least looked that way. She walked past me a few times. I didn’t think anything of it the first time when she sort of fell into me and put her paws all over me and. By about the third time, I was ducking and covering when she came towards me with a seductive look. She still got in a free feel. Meanwhile to my right there was man who had to be over 50. He was dressed in a tan button-down shirt and a white ten gallon hat. He was obviously about 5 sheets to the wind. He seemed to be cozying up to a pretty attractive blonde who was my age at the oldest. He also was touching the young lady very inappropriately to be in public, trying to pull down her dress and such. Then he began to dance with her very badly. I was very happy with the place I was standing, but the couple was continuously bumping into me. I felt led to intervene on two counts. 1) b/c he was pissing me off and 2) b/c the girl didn’t really seem too comfortable w/the situation. I said something along the lines of “dude, chill out”. To which the girl replied, “it’s ok, he’s really drunk.” Well as long as he’s really drunk I guess we can accept it. Ha ha well it’s really funny when you put it that way. My fault for being a good citizen. The next two bars I went to had some very good rockabilly music and overall it was a good time. The next day I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and paid homage to Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. I was glad I did it. I’m gonna do more of that this year for sure.

The weekender pt. 1: a drunken punch-up at a wedding

I really didn’t want to go to this wedding. I have spent the last year attending a wedding every other month. This is not an exaggeration. I don’t care anymore. I don’t want to hear the cute stories about how we met and awkward toasts. I don’t want to watch another father-daughter dance with overused music. I absolutely don’t want to hear “Celebration” again. That is the most tired song in the history of the world. I really don’t want to tinkle the glass and watch anybody kiss. Just go to your room and get it started thank you. All that being said I couldn’t say no to going to see my best childhood friend Peter Clement tie the knot. Now I haven’t kept in touch with Peter as well as I should have over the past ten years, but I still felt an obligation, partly due to family pressure, to go.
The ceremony and reception was in Eastern NC. We got there and saw that the venue was surprisingly classy. It was a bed and breakfast with a fairly large reception hall. Surprisingly the whole experience went off without a hitch. The food was decent. There were Coronas and Amstel and wine and such. A sister and brother of the groom, my brother William, my cousin Christiana, and a rather attractive young lady who was escorted by someone who she insisted was just a “friend”. She seemed interesting and pretty friendly. The evening went on pretty well from. We shared some “special sauce” I had in my suit coat as well. Everyone was having a good time dancing and joking around and things of this nature.

So the evening continued on enjoyably. It all went very well . I got the young lady’s number before the night was over which was exciting at the time, but found out later in the weekend when I used it, that the “friend” was really more than a friend. That was just Friday. More to come shortly.

PS: to anybody whose wedding i've been: it wasn't your wedding that made me feel this way. it's just a result of sensory overload and my current state of mind.